Where to buy Kerosene in 2022? 20 Gas Stations That Sell Kerosene K1 Near me



If you’re trying to purchase kerosene, then you could be stunned to know that you will discover kerosene fairly simply at a fuel station.

Right here’s a have a look at the place you will discover kerosene at a fuel station close to you. 

What’s kerosene?

First issues first. So what’s kerosene? Kerosene is a light-weight gas that’s mostly used as jet gas.

Nevertheless, kerosene additionally has numerous home makes use of together with fueling for heaters and lamps.

FInally, kerosene can be used as a cleansing solvent. 

where to buy kerosene

What fuel stations promote kerosene?

There are a selection of fuel stations that presently promote kerosene. Here’s a checklist of fuel stations that presently supply kerosene on the market. 

Speedway – There are a selection of Speedway areas positioned on the east coast, south east and west coast. 

Sunoco – Sunoco areas are nationwide. 

ARCO – Sunoco areas are nationwide. 

Citgo – Additionally operates fuel stations underneath the Clarion and Mystik manufacturers 

Shell – Sunoco areas are nationwide. 

Texaco – Texaco areas are nationwide. 

Terribles – Terribles areas are primarily within the southwest 

Buc-ee’s – Buc-ee’s are positioned primarily in Texas with some areas in Alabama, 

Conoco – Places are nationwide 

Family Express – Situated primarily in Indiana.

Frontier – Situated primarily in Kentucky 

Flying J – Places are nationwide 

Go-Mart – Situated primarily within the midwest.

Lukoil – Situated in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Meijer – Situated within the midwest

Road Ranger – Situated in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin

76 – Places are nationwide 

Weigel’s – Situated primarily within the south

Notice: A few of the areas could not have kerosene accessible. Due to this fact, it would be best to name the situation and see if they provide kerosene on the market. 

Really useful for you:

As a result of kerosene is assessed as a hazardous substance, there are a variety of fuel stations that don’t supply kerosene at any of their areas.

Here’s a have a look at a number of the fuel stations that don’t supply kerosene:



Circle Okay


Kwip Journey



Philips 66

Quik Journey



How is kerosene bought?

Kerosene is often bought in a single gallon or two gallon containers.

Typically, you could possibly get a bulk order to kerosene.

Nevertheless, that is uncommon at a fuel station.

The most typical method to purchase kerosene at a fuel station is in a one gallon container. 

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The best way to discover out if a fuel station has kerosene accessible? 

Earlier than you go to a fuel station, it’s a good suggestion to perform a little research to verify to see if kerosene is accessible at that exact location.

Listed here are some tricks to verify to see in case your native fuel station presents kerosene:

  • Name forward – Many fuel stations take telephone calls and can let you recognize if they’ve kerosene accessible on the market.
  • Examine the fuel station’s most important web site. – Examine on-line to see if that fuel station chain presents kerosene. 

How a lot kerosene can you purchase at a fuel station? 

You possibly can normally purchase kerosene by the gallon at a fuel station. Presently, kerosene prices anyplace between $4 and $5 a gallon.

Because of the altering provide and demand of kerosene, the gas can fluctuate in value very like gasoline. Additionally, kerosene tends to be a bit of dearer within the winter when demand goes up. 

What you need to know when shopping for kerosene

As a result of kerosene is assessed as a hazardous substance, you’ll have to current a authorities issued driver’s license or state ID in an effort to full your buy

Lesser recognized makes use of for kerosene

Kerosene is primarily often known as a jet gas and as a gas for heaters and lights. Nevertheless, kerosene can also be used as a pesticide and as a cleansing agent.

Regardless of how you utilize kerosene, you need to train excessive warning due to its flammable properties. 

What sort of container must you use for kerosene?

Kerosene is saved in blue containers to simply inform it aside from gasoline, which is saved in crimson containers. Guarantee that the container is licensed for kerosene use.

You’ll find blue kerosene licensed containers at your native fuel station that sells kerosene in addition to your native {hardware} shops. 

How lengthy does kerosene final? 

When saved correctly, kerosene can hold for anyplace from two to 5 years.

So why can kerosene return if not saved correctly? The primary cause is condensation.

If water is ready to combine with the kerosene, then the standard of the gas might be diluted.

Due to this fact, it would be best to ensure that your kerosene is saved in a dry, cool place in an effort to guarantee an extended shelf life. 

Can you continue to use unhealthy kerosene?

In case your kerosene goes “unhealthy” as a consequence of lengthy shelf life or condensation, it could actually nonetheless be used.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the kerosene shall be lowered.

Utilizing “unhealthy” kerosene ought to be thought-about a final resort. 

How do I do know if a lamp or a heater accepts kerosene? 

Be sure you verify the label subsequent to the gas tank on the lamp of the heater. It ought to let you know whether or not or to not use kerosene. If you cannot discover a label, then you need to chorus from fueling the heater or the lamp till you may get strong affirmation that the merchandise in query is ready to settle for kerosene as a gas supply. 

Discovering kerosene at a fuel station close to me

Chances are high that there are a variety of fuel station close to you that promote kerosene. Be sure you verify the fuel station’s web site and name forward earlier than you go to.

Additionally just be sure you have an authorized blue container – cleared marked with the phrase “kerosene” – to retailer your gas. Lastly, ensure you have a dry, cool place to retailer your kerosene at your private home or your vacation spot. 


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